WordPress Code Snippets

01 Why use Wordpress Code Snippets

    WordPress code snippets are an excellent way to customize your WordPress site without installing plugins or making major code changes. They can be used to add new features, change existing ones, or resolve issues. You can add functionality to your site that isn't available through plugins or themes by using code snippets.

    Additionally, code snippets can help you avoid conflicts between plugins or themes, as you can add custom code to specific areas of your site. They can also help with site performance, security, and search engine optimization.

05 CSS - Working Code Snippets

  1. Device screen sizes
  2. Print css
  3. Scrollbar css

06 jQuery - Working Code Snippets

  1. Change href hyperlink
  2. Smooth scrolling to top

07 mySQL Database - Working Code Snippets

  1. Can not insert image into database

10 Contact Form 7 Plugin - Working Code Snippets

  1. Code Snippet 1
  2. Code Snippet 2
  3. Code Snippet 3
  4. Code Snippet 4