The Top 10 Backend as a Service Companies

A latest cloud service known as Backend as a Service or Mobile Backend as a Service seeks to provide web and mobile applications with backend services based on cloud including file storage, cloud data, message pushing, social media integration and account management.

With the internet’s evolution, BaaS is getting more and more popular among developers. It is because this development model is meant to reduce development costs, and can allow developers to focus more on other core development processes.

The best 10 BaaS companies:

Here are top 10 BaaS companies that you need to know:

1. Back4app

Are you looking for the easiest BaaS company which is meant to help developers in accelerated application development, deployment and management? Back4app is a solution for you.

  • It can bring ease in your development processes, and can let you host your apps in a more effective way.
  • It is offering a wide variety of development features that can let you add your required functionality to the app with just a few clicks.
  • Simpler dashboard of the Back4app can make it easier to manage your applications.

It can enhance overall performance of your application and can let you develop feature-rich applications without any stress of third-party service integration, app infrastructure and even hosting.

2. Parse

Parse is a well-known Baas platform which can make it easier and efficient for you to manage your applications. Parse is meant to enhance your development processes and can keep you from backend management stress.

  • A vast community of developers is working behind this platform.
  • The amazing range of built-in features can let you make your applications more amazing.

You can implement high-end security to keep your data and application information secured in the best possible way. Developers can also get the opportunity to connect their data instances with other cloud-based services for more convenience.

3. Firebase

Firebase is one of the best BaaS solutions which is backed by Google. An amazing range of highly innovative features and support from a giant platform i.e. Google is making it a more amazing option to consider for developers. It comes up with an entire range of services, features and toolset that can bring more convenience and ease in your web and mobile application development processes.

Most amazingly, the integration of other Google’s tools like google analytics and more can also make it easier for Firebase users to track the progress of your applications and web in the best possible way.

4. AWS Amplify

This is another effective yet amazing Backend as a Service solution which is designed to let developers and organizations develop and manage backend services in their applications. This is a platform which can let you build serverless applications which can make it super easier to integrate backend solutions with applications frontend that is developed in JavaScript.

  • It also comes up with a user-interface that is easier to integrate which can make development easier and more convenient.
  • AWS Amplify is a backend by Amazon and contains a massive library that can make backend resource management easier.

AWS amplify services are easier to integrate into React, Android, Web, iOS, React Native and various other frameworks to make things more amazing for you.

5. Kinvey

Kinvey is the very first platform to start offering MBaaS solutions in the market. These services were meant to offer mobile aggregation, IT needs compliance and offering security solutions with encryption.

It can also let connectors get connected with solutions offering services including compliance report, user management, business logic, analytics and data encryption. This platform also supports Hybrid, HTML 5 and native applications and can let you allow Kinvey services integration in the cloud completely.

6. Backendless

This is one of the coolest BaaS solutions that can make mobile and web app development faster, convenient and easier. An amazing variety of built-in features can let you integrate required application functionalities. Automatic API integration is the most loved feature of Backendless that is making this a great platform to work with.

7. 8Base

8Base is an amazing cloud-based platform that is meant to help frontend developers in building enterprise-level mobile and web applications. It is offering a serverless, GraphQL backend as a service to offer ready to use solutions. Developers can leverage their applications without the help of any backend developer. Businesses can get multiple benefits including positively impacted development costs, risks, and time to delivery.

8. Kumulos

This is one of the most powerful BaaS solutions that can let you manage your application performance in the best possible way. It can offer top-notch solutions to developers and can bring ease in their processes of application development.

This amazing platform can bring high-class white label and multi-tenant solutions to empower developers and organizations to create applications faster. It can also help in maximizing the return when the app will go live.

9. PlayFab

PlayFab is a BaaS solution that can let you develop and manage cloud-connected applications. This platform is specialized in game development and is offering a complete developing suite designed to provide developers ease worldwide.

  • You can develop exciting applications for any platform.
  • The backend services are meant to reduce the problems that can come across launching of applications. It is offering cost-effective solutions which can let developers engage, monetize and grow their user base in the best possible way. Also, this platform is capable of offering best reach and can let your applications grow more effectively.

10. Game Sparks

Game Sparks is a recent addition in the BaaS industry which is more than just an engine to provide backend services to your apps. This Cloud-based platform is meant to develop applications’ server-side features and can let developers manage their applications even after launch.

Game Sparks is a complete tool which can let you develop server-side components without managing a server. Entire scripts range is JavaScript based that will save data on the cloud. This BaaS solution can also let you develop multiplayer games.


BaaS is a development architecture to accelerate application development processes. It can transform backend capabilities to reduce repetitive construction for developers. However, when it is about choosing the best BaaS company, we have enlisted top 10 solutions here. Make sure to go with the one that can fit as per your applications’ needs.

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